Essay On The Effects Of Handwriting Fluency On Writing Skills

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Introduction Nowadays, the technology has been impacting the education and both technology and education are improving. In schools, students use computers to write, read, and research. So, using computer leads to reduce using handwriting skill. However, handwriting fluency is an important skill of early learning and communication because it helps to have clear writing. Also, it helps to improve students’ thinking. The question here is “does using computer affect second grade students’ handwriting skill in the United States? In order to have successful education, it is necessary to know which ways students should use to improve their skills. Achieving the goal of education is significant aim for every student in elementary school. One of the most important education skills in second grade is writing skill because it is a basic skill for any students to continue their education. Second grade have to learn handwriting fluency first then they can learn typing. So, as teachers, we should find the problem and solve it to make sure the process of learning is working well and improve students’ skills. In elementary schools, students build their writing skill and they should be observed because …show more content…
First, the outline of my research am going to start in introduction that include background about my topic. Then I am going to identify the topic and the issue that I will study about and why it is significant. Second, I am going to collect data that support my points which are the importance of making balance between handwriting and typing in second grade. That will include many examples. Also, I am going to talk about the effects of using computers in spelling that will include many studies and examples. Third, I am going to conclude which technology can be good for students’ achievement. Finally, I will summarize what I said and if there is any good result or method that teachers can use them, I will talk

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