Essay about Differences Between High School And College

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In order to be successful in life you have to fulfill your education in other words you have to completely finish all your education up to college, our education is a really important role in our lives. Our education is the only way we will make it through in our lives. There are some people that go to school for plenty of years, such as 16 or more years to fulfill their dreams, and have a good job. As we know we have to go through different levels, which some levels are harder than other levels throughout the process. Also, we all know that the two most important levels throughout our education are high school and college. As you know everything is unique, there is nothing the same as another thing. In high school and college there are some similarities and differences and that make them have a different point of view. Some people don’t really know this they think that high school and college is the same when in reality it is not the same. High school and College have similarities and differences such as responsibility, cost, class schedule, and class sizes. High school and college will never be the same at all, there will always be something to interfere, to make it different.
First of all, students in high school and college need to take it with responsibility. If you want to be successful you need to comply with all your work. In order to move and pass you need to be a hardworking, on-time, and well organized person. Also, to graduate on time you have complete your…

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