How Are High School And College Alike

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High school and college have many differences. Having a acceptable education is the key to becoming successful in life. In order to achieve this it, we must graduate from high school and again from college. It can be difficult transitioning from high school to college. We may struggle at first, but we will adjust to it over time. We as students become independent in college than we were in high school. College is a higher level of education that requires more time due to it being more difficult, but can always be more enjoyable. College and high school are both places of education that help them understand and take in more and help them accomplish what they need in life and what they need to wind up, however they are distinctive from multiple points of view. In spite of the fact that there are numerous contrasts between secondary school and school, one …show more content…
Both are preparing them for their future career. The grades they make in high school determine their acceptance to get into college and their grades in college help them pursue their future career. The courses they take in high school are actual similar to the courses they will take in college, they are just more difficult. The way they are taught in their classes are actual similar too. They still have a teacher that gives them homework and test to prepare them for their final exam. To conclude, the main differences between high school and college are the responsibilities, teachers, classes and social life. As a high school students you are that the stage where we are maturing so that we can prepare for college, so, we need take on our own responsibilities. The high school teachers instruct the understudies the obligation by making them to get their work done and observing their participation and college professors are relied upon to have it. It is alright to have fun while at college, but it is more important to focus on your

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