Differences Between Authentic And Servant Leadership Essay

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When thinking about leadership in a business there are many different forms of leadership that you can see in your employees. I will be focusing on two types of leaderships and how as a senior manager you would model these leaderships and find these models in future leaders. The two models of leadership that I will define are authentic and servant leadership. Then I will focus on similarities and differences between authentic and servant leadership. I will describe as a manager how I would demonstrate these two models to my employees and other managers. The last thing I will discuss is how managers can see these types of leadership in future leaders of companies. When managers know more about these different kinds of leadership than managers can better understand what they are looking for. What does authentic leadership mean? authentic leadership as a leadership style that is consistent with a leaders ' personality and core values, and that is honest, ethical and practical… more interested in empowering employees than in money or personal power, and is guided by compassion and heart in everything they do. While many authentic leaders may have natural abilities… through hard work and developing their leadership qualities (Magloff, 2016).
Authentic leadership is something that comes from within someone and it’s something that managers uses to understand themselves and their employees. Some of the qualities that Magloff talked about was how an authentic leader would dedicate…

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