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Leadership Interview
I recently had the opportunity of interviewing Mr. Maity who has more than ten years of experience in leadership positions within his organization. He started his career after grad school with a small non-profit research organization. His leadership abilities were quickly realized and he became a part of a large company as a Project Manager. He recalls that in his first job, the small size of the company and the nature of operations meant that soon after joining the firm, he started taking up multiple responsibilities with many being outside of his core functional role. This valuable learning experience has allowed him to excel in his current leadership position. After joining he got many learning opportunities, particularly those dealing with leadership and project management. This laid a robust foundation and a new set of skills which have served him well as he started taking up more challenging leadership roles within his organization. Mr. Maity attributes his success to the leadership traits that he has learned over the years, and quoted many of the very ideas and theories almost verbatim from our class lecture. This was an eye opening experience to witness firsthand how traits become behaviors and practices.
Over the years, Mr. Maity has been a part of many research projects and now leads project activities involving people and other resources within a functional group in his organization. During our interview, Mr. Maity laid out the history of his

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