The Characteristics Of Servant Leadership In Africa

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Servant leadership is ideology that a leader serves the people that they lead. They do this by ensuring the welfare of the people are taken care of. Servant leaders is describes as a leader who serves others first, who brings a sense of belonging and community, and disperses the power evenly among the people (Adhiambo, J. M. ,2012, pg.11). The culture that I chose to show example of servant leadership is one of the poorest cultures in the world and its leaders in the region are some of the most corrupted. Even with all this said the cultures of Africa have had some great examples of a servant leader and what it can do in a region. I also chose a religion of Islam which is often miss understood with violence. This religion has many
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If fact this religion teaches quite the opposite and has many attributes of a servant leader. For instance in the religion of Islam teaches its people a since of belonging. In 630 C.E Mohamad marched 10,000 followers to Mecca. Mohammad delivered his people from being oppressed and he did this without any bloodshed (Johnson, J. M. ,2015, pg.1). Another characteristic of servant leadership that the prophet Mohammad was a man of integrity. Islam describes Mohamad as the perfect man and what all Muslims should strive to live like (Johnson, J. M. ,2015, pg.1). Islam also teach that one should not horde there wealth and should take care of people in need (Johnson, J. M. ,2015, pg.1). Overall, Islam has many attributes of servant leadership. The religion teaches about community, integrity, serving people and the Prophet Mohammad is the person that is the best examples of this leadership style. He delivered his people from being oppressed and lived a humble and riotous life with high morals and standards. When looking at this religion I found that this religion has been miss interpreted and has great examples of servant …show more content…
It is easy to miss understand this culture and religion but it is important to see when leaders encompass servant leadership what it can do for a region and a religion. Examples like Mohammad and Nelson Mandela have shown great characteristics of servant leadership. They both united there people and delivered there people from great oppression. There characteristics of integrity, since of community, equality, and humility are what it means to be a servant leadership. We need more people like them to make a world a better

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