Destruction Of Texting And Driving

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Destruction of Texting While Driving Everyone from young children to grandparents that get into a vehicle are at risk due to what I call a growing epidemic. This growing epidemic as I call it is the result of texting while driving and it puts everyone that gets into a vehicle at risk for a serious or even fatal accident. Even with the risk involved millions of individuals continue to text while driving therefore the laws should be changed in that everyone is penalized at the same level as a commercial driver.
Problem Analysis
Texting originally began on December 3, 1992 when Neil Papworth sent the first sort message service (SMS) to his friend’s phone, Richard Jarvis, who was attending a Christmas party across town. Richard was unable
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When an individual thinks that they can multitask while driving is foolish to say the least. In a study done by four professors of Drexel University Mckeever, Schultheis, Padmanaban, & Blasco (2012) concluded that the increase of texting while driving has become an issue; texting while driving constitutes in dual task that requires resources across multiple domains that are also necessary for driving safely. A direct effect to driving safely also was concluded when the test subject’s lane deviation or the ability to maintain the appropriate lane were greatly affected while performing a texting task. (Mckeever, 2012). Also to assume that there are not any effects of primarily using technology as your form of communication is absurd as well. When an individual that uses texting, email, or social media as their primary communication skill they are losing any and all ability to be able to communicate in a face to face conversation. They could potentially not understand how to communicate using body language to emphasize their …show more content…
It is time to make a change so no more families have to experience what those have already experienced. Please contact me at to sign a petition to begin the process of instating the new law. You will also receive a monthly newsletter explaining the progress we are making in stopping the destruction that texting and driving creates. Also it is recommended that you contact your state and local representatives to further along our process. It is time to put a stop to the loss of lives as a result of texting while driving. Please join us in the process of making this a

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