Descriptive Essay : Visiting Florida

932 Words Sep 30th, 2016 4 Pages
As I gave my father and brothers a hug goodbye, not once did it cross my mind that it was a permanent farewell. Extremely excited about my summer vacation to Florida, all I could think about was the adventure we were all going to embark upon that is my mother, Paula, my step-father Florentino, and my older brothers Luis and Saul and I. Visiting Florida was truly a vacation to remember forever, going to Florida’s world-renowned theme parks and riding the thrilling roller coaster rides that made us scream loud enough for the whole park to hear us. Visiting Florida’s historical landmarks, enjoying the white sandy beaches, and dreading the blazing sun and the sticky heat of Florida’s summer days. The best time of my seven-year-old life, having creamy delicious ice cream for dessert every night and going to bed with an enormous smile on my face. The same smile that slowly turned into a frown as the time to zest back home to the island never came. Life in Florida was completely different from life in Puerto Rico. For starters, I spent the largest portion of my time inside instead of outside, whereas in Puerto Rico I constantly found myself playing in the streets with the neighborhood children. Although this may seem of little to no importance in defining oneself, it means a great deal to me. This changed me, it made me a quieter, more reserved person, especially, when it came to the outside world. This made me feel less Puerto Rican, a less Latina. Latinos speak extremely loud…

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