Descriptive Essay : My First Vacation

1280 Words Aug 1st, 2015 null Page
The minute plans start to come together for any vacation, the excitement and counting down the days doesn’t stop until it’s finally time to start the journey. Trips to an unfamiliar, foreign place are invariably my first choice because I am able to explore things that I’ve never experienced in my life before. Getting to see how diverse the buildings and cultures are in peculiar countries is an extraordinary opportunity that not everybody gets to do in their lifetime. My first vacation abroad was an eye opening, life changing, three-week trip to London, Spain, and Italy that I will never forget. The moment I stepped out of the gigantic, movie screen on every seat equipped plane in London, England into Heathrow Airport, I knew I wasn’t in America, home of fast food and football, anymore. The scenery I saw from inside the spacious, ten-passenger van on my way to my aunt’s house was quite different than expected. When I imagined what England would look like, I pictured busy streets with quaint pastry shops on every corner, but that’s not how it looked where my aunt lived at least. The streets looked ancient and cracked as if they’ve been driven on for a million years, it was dark and gloomy with the sun nowhere in sight. I told myself, this is only what it looks like where auntie lives, and I need to wait until I get to the heart of England to actually decide what I think of the country. Nonetheless, the next day there was a journey planned to go sightseeing to visit the…

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