Describe the Structure and Organisation of the Retail Sector Essay

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Describe the structure and organisation of the retail sector

What is retailing?

Retailing is selling products or services to consumers/customers for their own use, Examples of retail stores are Primark, Next, River Island and Tesco. There are thousands and thousands of different retail stores across the country. Retailers are a vital part of the business world as they add value to products and services.

The organisation –

Retailing takes on many forms in the market. They are…

- Types of retailers
- Online and physical stores
- Clicks and bricks
- Emerging stores for example; Shopping villages, teleshopping and hybrid stores.

There are many types of retailers. Some examples are as follow

Type of Retailer Example
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This allowed customers not having to worry about the item being sold out. They were allowed to collect that item later on in the store.

Emerging store types – Emerging stores have become much more popular recently. There are two main types of “emerging stores”. They are Shopping villages and teleshopping. Teleshopping will try and sell products through TV. They will be playing live and promoting a product with a sale price. Shopping villages will be a collection of stores closely together. A very well-known shopping village in England is Bicester village.

Hybrid stores – Hybrid stores is simply a store within a store. Some people may ask why a Costa coffee is placed within a Water stones store. Many people may want to read while having a nice coffee or even just relax. Costa coffee is a very popular location to just chill out and relax. Some branches will have a costa in their store so people can buy a book and then read it in Costa is they want to. If customers are there to get a coffee they will have to walk through the store and may be attracted to certain books or products on their way. This can increase sales for water stones.
Classification of retailer – The retailers is classified by the types of stores. Below will be a table with the type of retail stores and the product strategy involved.

Type of Retail Store Product Strategy
Supermarkets Supermarkets sell many different types of

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