Demococracy in America and Its Flaws Essay

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Democracy in America and its Flaws

POS 117
September 30, 2012
Jodi Hammond

There is a great deal of information throughout this class and allowing for a greater amount of open mindedness about our democracy and how the power is within the government. There has been a great deal of information that allowed for a great learning experience of how the government works, the different branches, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, how laws are enacted, and the ideas that surround the judicial branch. Throughout this course there were many things that came as a surprise such as, how the Constitution is perceived, how the bill of rights are amended and how the power is no longer shifting back to point of where it
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They do not typically hold trials but they do interrupt the meanings of certain laws. ("The White House, The Judicial Branch", n.d.) While the Justices are looking over these laws they are asked to interpret these laws so that they are being used in the correct meaning. The Supreme Court can grant certiorari, a certiorari is “A writ of order by which a higher court reviews a decision of a lower court” According to "Certiorari" (n.d.) and this allows for the Justices to hear legal briefs for both parties, and friends for the courts. There are certain groups that fall into the category of the “friends of the courts” and these include industry trade groups, academics or the even the U.S. government. Now the courts are bound by the Fifth and Sixth Amendments because these amendments are there so that the person gets the right a fair trial before a competent judges and a jury of their peers. There are different interpretations of the Constitutional Rights, although there is a great deal of information within this piece of parchment that the four fathers had written. There is a great deal of power here when it concerns some of the rights of the people of the United States, citizenship, natural rights, personal security (life), powers to delegate the United States Government, and power to delegate the state governments. The Constitution allows for the

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