Dell Case Study Essay

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Register to read the introduction… How would you summarize Dell’s position in the industry as of 2002? * Market leader of PC products (server 25.5%, workstation 29.6%, Desktops 24.6%, Laptops 24.8%) for enterprise and consumer) in the USA market * Dell has a strong position as a market leader by continuous offering low-price and high quality products * Dell entered markets outside USA. Dell is market leader in the Laptops & Desktops by 13.3% & 13.9% globally. * 50% of its business is in Internet and 60% is relationship business * Dell was the first among the Fortune 1000 companies in managing customer relations * Dell‘s Competitors operate with higher operating costs and longer sales cycle. * Dell’s market capitalization is 50 billion * Dell’s cash reservation is 7.9 billion dollars …show more content…
* Servers: There are opportunities in high end server in this product segment; Dell has not reached its capacity to earn revenue from this segment. * Storage: EMC is expensive for some small and medium business. These companies are potential consumers for Dell * Service portfolio growth: the importance of service revenue is increasing. New service model has positive result, Dell definitely continues its path in service growth * international expansion: * EMEA: market potential is modest and the legal issues get complicated because regulation rules are different from country to country. Dell needs huge amount of develop plants and personnel * APCC/Japan: following the demand and need in the area. The market potential seems promising * South/central America: newly entered, under developing process

4. What growth strategy do you recommend and what are their implications for the

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