Case Study Analysis For ABC, Inc.

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Register to read the introduction… This should include verifying all transcripts as well as reviewing the files for completeness of physical examinations and applications. During the application process, each potential training associate should be sent to an approved clinic or agency to do a proper, mandatory drug screen with the results provided and documented in each file. Upon review, it was determined that not all files and paperwork were in their proper place. The scheduling log was not checked with other departments to ensure its’ availability before scheduling the orientation for the new associates. In this case he found that Joe from technology services had the room booked for the entire month. If Carl was properly being mentored through his first new hiring opportunity, he would have been shown through the success of the recruiter he was working with on helpful tips such as a checklist and calendar of training room …show more content…
With proper planning and documentation, Carl could have known that it would take approximately 4 to 6 weeks to complete all paperwork, assessments and screenings prior to having a scheduled orientation session. Carl was successful in hiring fifteen new associates to work for operations but that was only the beginning of the tasks that needed to take place prior to the desired start date of July. Carl was overwhelmed during his recruitment process, and although he felt he was successful there were several opportunities missed on the hiring process that could have been avoided by doing effective pre-work and planning prior to requesting the hiring of a new employee. This involves having managers discuss the hiring process and options with HR when an open position is forecasted, confirming the hiring authority with upper management, and having an updated job description properly classified. Documentation is important in every aspect of business and ABC, Inc., should have all personnel files complete and accurate and this should properly start during the hiring and orientation/training processes. It is also best companies to have a clear understanding of the standard operating procedures. We can take this time and set forth the facts and this learning opportunity to create a set of hiring Standard Operating Procedures for ABC Inc. The recommendations for ABC Inc. is to revisit its standard operating procedures, and to communicate and assure that all hire recruiters and managers have the proper tools to do their jobs at the highest possible

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