Defining Marketing Paper

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Marketing Marketing is in a part of everyone’s daily lives. We see it the moment we turn on the television, when we go to the grocery store, and even at our jobs. When I think about marketing, I think about all of my favorite restaurants, places to go, favorite clothing brands, and shoes. All of my favorite things come to mind when we discuss the concept of marketing. When I think about marketing, I think of all of the companies that produce my favorite things. Marketing campaigns are those people who work on making the products, finding defects and making improvements, innovating and designing. I also believe that those people are interested customer satisfaction. Those people influence me to keep buying my favorite things. …show more content…
This definition of marketing reminds me of my workplace at Arden B. As an assistant manager, it is my responsibility to know exactly what the customers wants and needs. The feedback that I receive from our customers is what is important when selling women’s clothing. This type of information goes in a weekly recap sent to the organization so that it will help in the buying decisions for women’s clothing. Knowing the new trends, styles, colors, and fabrics is what will make the company successful because we know what our customers wants and needs. As mentioned earlier, marketing makes a profit for the organization. This is the importance of marketing in organizational success. From a personal perspective, I will buy certain products that appeal to me more. Such as the design of the product, how well they are promoted, availability, and price. These are all important aspects of marketing that will make a company successful. In addition, anyone can make a good product but how well will it do in the public’s hands? This is why I think that marketing goes hand in hand with advertising. Introducing a product to the public is important because it is the public’s satisfaction that will make the company money. It is also important that marketing be on going. Developing and innovating new products should be in the company’s interest so that they can achieve a bigger customer base. Expanding

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