Essay Customer Service At The Retail Sector

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Great customer service is extremely important in any job within the retail sector as employees are constantly interacting with customers. The employee represents the entire company, therefore it is extremely crucial to provide great service in order to attract and retain customers. One of the most important attributes in a successful employee is confidence, which happens only when the employee is well informed about the product and services their company offers and sells. Many employees are not able to confidently provide satisfactory service to their customers due to their lack of product knowledge, in order for employees to be successful in the job of sales associates and customer service. Exceptional customer skills is necessary, and that is extremely different if the employee has not had the proper training that is needed to be able to confidently face customers and interact with them about the products they are selling, which is why many employees end up quitting or getting fired from their workplace. Hence contributing to the high turnover rate in the retail industry.

Customer service is a large component for the retail sector, whether it’s a large business or small. Both cannot operate without it, as it is one of the pillars for success. Although all retail stores do provide the traditional customer service training, such as smiling, greeting the customers, and being well mannered, there still appears to be an insufficiency in performance. An employee having good…

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