Customer Service And Customer Satisfaction Essay

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If there 's any place where customers are likely to be paying attention to the type of service they receive, it 's within the hospitality industry. Good customer service is essential for any business to thrive, and our customers are the most important aspect of customer service. To ensure good customer service there are several steps we should take to ensure customer satisfaction. First we should consider our guests expectations and understand that we must meet or exceed those expectations. Remember the customer always wins, and the blame in any situation should not fall on the customer. At any point during our encounter we should be sure there is clear communication, and we should also do all we can to be organized, this will reduce the customers overall wait, resulting in a happier customer. Sometimes the customer may realize their own mistake, we should never judge, always be polite, and never embarrass our customers. We should never assume they know what we know, our goal is always to execute our services with efficiency, politeness, sincerity, and appreciation.

In the hospitality industry there are several tools available to help us measure our success in customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction surveys are one of the best tools available to find out how satisfied your customers are. There are many benefits to using surveys the first being they are cheap, surveys are an affordable way to gain knowledge of your customers likes and dislikes. It is also…

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