Cultural Diversity and Diets Essay

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Cultural Diversity and Diet
Jacqueline Jones
Week 2
Principles of Sociology
Mitchell Swatez

Different cultures around the world have their own types of customs that they are used to having. There are many types of diets that different cultures are used to having that unlike those of what we are used to here in the United States. In many cultures people eat toasted ants, frog legs, puppies, kittens, or raw monkey brains. I could never find myself eating none of the above, but this is natural for many people around the world. Each part of the world contains people who function differently, have symbols that have different meaning as well as have their conflicts. When applying the concept that people live different lives and eat
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M. (2013 Sometimes when people are used to one way of living they think that anybody else’s ways of living is wrong or bad. This brings back the thoughts of Muslim women covering their faces, Africans teaching their children their customs and adopting only few American ways, bullfighting or how other cultures make sure that they live close together to help their families and friends take care of family and responsibilities. We also look at the food that people eat and judge them because it is different. We know that around the world that people eat things from bugs, puppies, cats, monkeys as well as different animal intestines. When those people look at our cultures and things that we eat, they may think that we are weird too. Ethnocentrism can be a negative thing or a positive thing depending on the situation. The positive aspects on ethnocentrism is that it creates in-group loyalties while the negative aspect is that it leads to stereotypes and discrimination. If we are open to many different culture beliefs we can learn as well as teach others our ways of doing things. Ethnocentrism brings me to discuss that cultural relativism is where we try to understand culture in our own terms. This means that when we look at the elements of a culture and how they fit together as well as being able to not judge the elements just because we put our culture as being the superior or inferior way of living. When we study cultures we study their

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