Crm And Evolution Of Marketing Case Study

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CRM and evolution of Marketing online
Online commerce is evolving rapidly and your business should not fall behind.
Just last week a new explosive shopping expo was launched in China marked The Global shopping festival - it takes the place of what was once Singles Day. The 11-11 holiday was adopted by online retail giant Initially the day was a commemorative occasion for single people when they would buy gifts in celebration of their status. Today the event could well already be the world 's largest 24 hour shopping event.
Why your business needs to use CRM software
Imagine using a CRM system to get advanced "tickets" to such an event. You know in advance the event is being tweeted, posted, shared and ravenously consumed on social
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For your business this means the longer you take to implement CRM backed strategies, the more business you are likely to lose.
Advantages include: o 360 degree perspective/understanding of the consumer o Easily managed follow up activity o More insight on customer preferences and purchase behavior o Build strong brand recognition
Successful small Business Case study using CRM
The website, is a glowing example of how CRM can favorably tilt the scales in favor of your business. The less than two year old site was established to assist with gap year travel and students looking for schools in interesting places away from home.
Effective use of CRM has seen the website draw serious traction from students, travelers and anyone seeking to leave home for a while. This small business leveraged from information on social media platforms regarding their niche to complement their product/service offering.
This is a real example unlike the scenario posed in the opening of this
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Today there are several options that are very ideal for small business. o Insightly: This comprehensive tool will help you to always be on top of customer expectations and changes within your niche. With this tool you can mange contacts, projects and workflow. It also integrates with social media. All you need is to add the consumer email address and it will deliver all you need! Insightly also integrates with Google Apps, Mailchimp, Evernote and much more. The free version allows you to manage 3 people and 2500 records - full version is only $7 pm. o SugarCRM: This is arguably the most popular CRM system and can work for small business. The suite will help manage contacts and uses intelligent analysis to identify prospects and suggest marketing activity. It is fully integrated to work with social media and popular apps - $35 pm. o Batchbook: If you need something simple then Batchbook is exactly what you need. Fully integrated and can be used to manage contacts, projects, work flows, build to do lists and much more. The simple drag and drop interface takes away the complexity for a flat rate of $35 pm regardless of the size of the

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