Rock Solid Industrial Case Study

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Rock Solid Industrial is small business that is not technology oriented making it a disadvantage against other competitors. While still relying on POTs systems, the company’s desktop computer, software usage, and financials are consider outdated in this technological era. With business disadvantage, Rock Solid will need to make changes to their organization to improve their business. The organizational change strategy Rock Solid Industrial Parts should be to informate because it will require them to find ways to improve current situation and seek long term plans and growth. Instead of downsizing, Rock Solid should invest in better hardware and software which will minimize risk while having greater return.
Cloud computing allows organizations
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This means that there is no hardware to purchase, no software to install, and no future upgrades necessary. NetSuite runs completely through the internet. NetSuite IT professionals manages the maintenance, support, and upgrades within their data center providing the best service for businesses5. It is important to realize with minimal management; small business can focus on weak areas. Growing business have turn to NetSuite to help reduce financial close time by 20% to 50%, cut IT cost in half, and improve quote-to cash cycle by 50%5. There is no denying that migrating to the cloud will lower cost for business, making NetSuite a cost effective solution for Rock Solid Industrial. Furthermore, outdated software applications used by SMBs do not allow business data to easily move across departments. Most SMBs run their business on separate and expensive software – one for accounting, one for inventory, one for customer support, and one for sales. SMBs will have to spend more money trying integrate everything together. The cost of implementation and integration will be more expensive than the software itself5. NetSuite is design to prevent these types of problems. Because NetSuite combines CRM, ERP, and ecommerce together in a single, host application, SMBs will not waste time and money on integrating different …show more content…
The price is justified by offering customer relationship management; order management and fulfillment; inventory management; finance; ecommerce and web site management capabilities which are essential tools for Rock Solid Industrial7. NetSuite Small Business delivers CRM & ERP capabilities, including sales force automation that equips the sales team with a complete view of prospect and real-time access to every detail8. NetSuite increase sales efficiency by utilizing document management and sales portal. More so, improves sales performance through forecasting and commission management. It enables the sales team to convert opportunities into quotes and sales order with one click9. NetSuite CRM also has built-in payroll capabilities and has specific features design to ease the transition from QuickBooks. Additionally, common terminology, navigation, and drop down menus are similar to QuickBooks. It also includes a data migration wizard that allows organizations to quickly import important data from

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