Essay about Critical Thinking And Writing Of Criminal Justice

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The History Behind Charleston Southern University
Critical Thinking and Writing in Criminal Justice
August 30, 2015
Annika Wagner Abstract
Charleston Southern University began in 1965 and was known as the Baptist College at Charleston. The group known as the South Carolina Baptists had a large part in starting this University. The name change occurred in 1991 when the school had a sufficient amount of bachelor and graduate programs to be considered a university. Dr. Jairy C. Hunter had a big part in getting the university where it is today. From when he started in 1984 until now, there has been a lot of changes. One of the big changes is continuing to add more programs of study. The sports teams have also come a long way from where they were. The 14 athletic teams are now NCAA Division one and competing in the Big South Conference. The University was started by Christians who wanted students to pursue a degree with faith in mind and it is still the goal today with the largest enrollment in history. Keywords: Charleston Southern University, history, Baptist, Hunter, degrees, athletic Charleston Southern University is located in Charleston, South Carolina (“CSU Quick”, 2015). They are a liberal arts university and now recognized as one of the best Christian Colleges in America (“CSU Quick”, 2015). They didn’t start as one of the best though. Charleston Southern University was formerly known as the Baptist College at Charleston and there is much more history behind…

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