Creative Response to Homecoming Essay

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Creative Response to ‘Homecoming’
I had just arrived to my destination: Gallipoli, Turkey. As nervous as I was already with shivers down my spine nearly every minute I didn’t want to lose my young life tomorrow. It was a long ride but my troops and I were prepared for what could come our way. We jumped off the half sunken ship due to the enormous amount of soldiers. It was going to be a long and hard battle. The water we had to walk through to set up our camps was muddy and clumpy I was hoping I don’t get trench foot. Me, as the leader leaded on where we have to set up our camps. We set up our tents around the gruesome field of dead, yellow, sun dried grass next to the sandy rough hills. Rain had just started sprinkling and the next
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I want to cure my blood-shed wound but I have no energy so I start crying. I don’t want to be here. I want to go home but know I have to wait another couple years. I didn’t choose this. Why me? I take a quick rest knowing that I have to get back out and fight and as I turn my head slightly to the right while lying helplessly on the ground I notice a machine a couple meters away from our battle. I peer even deeper out of the tents zipper and I realise that our machine gun is being used. That machine is theirs, the other teams! The joy I felt. I quickly loaded it and jumped in. Between minutes I had already killed a lot from the other army. I look at my army troops and see curly heads, kinky-hairs, crew-cuts, balding non-coms. Who are these people? We’re all strangers that fight then die. I start to think about my family. I want to go home now. I hide under the sandy hill; no way will I risk my life. I see what happens to the other soldiers, with my own eyes. I could be next. If they find out I’m hiding I’m going to get in big trouble. I run through the battle with barely any energy left ducking down under the hills, passed the bombs exploding behind me, passed the gun shots, all the noise is blurring out. I’m getting further and further. I dare to look back with red puffy eyes and continue running. I hear some voices screaming “COME BACK!” but I barely hear them now. My shadow is the only

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