W. B. Priestley's Anthem Lights

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1. Best of 2015 Medley- Anthem Lights
This piece first stood out to me because it was a mash up of many great songs that I have listened to this past year. The songs all range in their original sounds, but when mashed together the same singers sing the song. This piece really spoke to me through the idea of it being a mixture of so many great songs and it was still a great piece. This piece has influence to the world to me because it shows that artist can recreate someone else’s song and make it into their own unique work. The listeners should listen to the way the artist change the rhythm of what they are normally expecting the song to be. The duration of the song is shorter than what it normally is, so they only get a glimpse of the song, causing them to need to listen in closely.
Throughout the song Anthem Lights have a work of music that is polyphonic, because the sounds are sounding simultaneously and all of the
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I Met a Girl- Sam Hunt
This piece of music was one that I enjoyed a lot because it is my favorite genre and one of my favorite artists. The work by Sam Hunt contains a really good rhythm that keeps you listening to the song. This song stood out to me because he is talking about his first impressions of the girl and it is telling a deeper story.
3. Good Good Father- Chris Tomlin
This piece of music is one that I enjoy listening to at church and just a worship song that I love hearing. The piece really stood out to me when I was hearing it in my New Testament class and it touched my heart. I was so taken away by what the song was actually saying when I listened to the words. The piece spoke to me by showing me that God is a “Good Good Father,” and He is always going to be there for me throughout my life and any circumstance that I am going through.
4. Moonlight Sonata- Beethoven
This song is one that I first heard when I listen to music as I fall asleep at night. It is peaceful and allows me to shut my mind off.
5. Hello- Cover by Leroy

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