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Integrating Enterprise Resource Planning and Big Data to take Volkswagen to Gain More Profit and Become the Top Employer in Car Manufacturing Industry MIS 564-Enterprise Data Management and Administration Dr. Sunil Samatha Group”B” Ian Curry –Team Lead Ian Co Abdesslem El-Bech Shaquana Gates …show more content…
It embodies all that is right about a modern innovative company. Strong work ethic, great work environment, caring and effective management team, sustainable green platform, stable workforce, fair and equitable wages, usage of the latest technological advances and an excellent product!
With this in mind, Volkswagen decided to try to achieve a lofty goal: by 2018, to reach 10 million sales, world-wide, by 2018! Now that is a worthy and attainable achievement! Now if only the management had a means to an end! The problem, that this assessment will attempt to solve, is how Volkswagen isn’t utilizing all its internal and external data to best suits its’ needs. By going in and analyzing this segment of tis’ data, the researchers were able to ascertain that Volkswagen needs to centralize all its data from across multiple business processes and platforms into one cohesive and technologically astute database (Chan., 2013).
Also Volkswagen can greatly enhances its goal by placing its’ data from two main divisions, Automotive Division and the Financial Services Division, into one centralized DBMS. By doing so it can help gather important statistics about customer feedback, create better channels for targeted marketing and allow for better decision-making by the C-level hierarchy when it assesses data via the DSS (decision-support systems) ( Kumar, A. & Ohata.M,. 2012).
In addition to this, Volkswagen should also integrate into

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