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Course Project Week 3

Shimere Alexander


Managerial Applications of Information Technology

Professor Wayne Freer

January 27, 2013

Subject of Course Project

The purpose of this course project is to address the ongoing issues surrounding my companies, REI (Recreation Equipment Inc.,) inventory management issue and to see if we can find a software program better suited to the companies needs. The goal is to find products quickly and efficiently. Customer satisfaction is key to driving sales and profit in any company. As a result a software upgrade is certainly needed in order to compete with other companies in the same industry.
Name of the Company REI is a
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REI’s current inventory management system is good but could be better. As it stands now the inventory system is automated through the POS system. This means that when something is sold through a particular store it is automatically uploaded through the companies database so that all stores across the nation are up to date on whats available at that store. However, the issue is that if a customer in our store wants a product that we do not have available, instead of being able to look into the system and see who has that product and order it directly, we have to physically has the customer to fill out a standard name, address and if a member their member number. Then we call the store have them locate the item, give the customers payment information and place the order for the item(s). As you can imagine this takes a lot of time in some cases and can turn a customer away. Especially, if they waited several minutes for the person on the other end to locate the product and then come back and say they cannot find it. This goes on until the item is located at a particular store. Time and resources wasted, as well as money lost. This current system does not work. It does not improve efficiency and costs the company a good percentage of sales in some instances. My proposal is to find an inventory management system that would provide accurate inventory and allow products to be

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