Counseling Outcomes Of Clinical Mental Health And Addiction Counseling

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I.3. Knows evidence-based treatments and basic strategies for evaluating counseling outcomes in clinical mental health and addiction counseling.

Summary of activities completed:
The purpose of The Executive Summary project was to help me develop a perspective of my counselor training and education. In the first part of the assignment, I identified the population who will be served by my program. Next, I described how the services will be delivered to the participants. In the third part of the Summary, I explained the roles and responsibilities of different positions that make up the agency. Part four entailed providing details about the methods for measuring outcomes of the program for the participants. In the last part of the project, I provided information about the agency that I would like to work at after graduation. Additionally, that part of the assignment included the description of the required qualifications (education and credentials) that are deemed as essential for the position I would like to apply, and the justification of my suitability for this job.

Explanation of how artifact relates to competencies:
In this project, I described different methods and strategies used to assess the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions. Completing the fourth part of the assignment was challenging, but taught me the importance of outcome measures in determining which therapy approaches are the most beneficial in treatment. Receiving feedback…

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