Congressional Ethics Case Study

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Joseph Willis
Professor Herman

Congressional Ethics
Congressman Charles Ranger was one of the most powerful members of congress. That was until in 2010 when he was found guilt of eleven counts of ethics violations. One of the ethics violations that he was convicted of was failing to disclose over $600,000 in assets. He stated that an apartment in New York was being used as his campaign office but in fact he was using it as residential apartment. The issue here is that he did not have to pay rent because it was disclosed as an office. He also had a location in the Dominican republic that he was renting out and failed to disclosed the earnings of that location as one of his assets.

Another ethics issues that
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There has not been a president that was elected under a third party since before the 1900’s. There are many reasons why third party candidates haven’t won an election since before the 1900’s.

One major reason that third party candidates don’t win the presidency is due to the restrictive ballot access laws. The reason that this is such a factor is because states write there on rules for a candidate making the ballot. They often write the ballot rules to allow only two parties to dominate the ballots, and often as know this is likely to be the Republicans and Democrats. This gives the third party candidates a disadvantage because they lose these states even before the election has begun. Some of the states with the worst ballot restrictions are, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Arkansas, West Virginia, Minnesota, Maryland, and Massachusetts. ( ) Out of the 50 states 8 of them restrict the ballots and rarely ever let a third party candidate onto their ballots for
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They help to ensure that the citizens are able to live freely and safely and help to uphold the constitution. Without both state and federal authorities working together than the United States would not be as safe as it is.

One of the major things that the Federal and State authorities work together on is to prevent terrorism. Terrorism has been something that has struck our nation in the past and it something that endangers the lives of Americans daily. The Federal government uses its powerful resources such as, the FBI, CIA, Department of Homeland Security and the military to fight terrorists both here in the US and abroad. With their tools they are to track down terrorists in other countries and eliminate them before they have the opportunity to attack us. Their tools also help to track terrorists that are already in our country.

State Authorities also play a major role in preventing terrorism. The state authorities make sure that suspected terrorists do not receive documents such as drivers licenses, or gun permits, and even passports. This limits the way that terrorists get their weapons and travel throughout the United States. Without federal and state authorities working together to prevent terrorism the United States would be vulnerable to

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