The Importance Of Intelligence In Homeland Security

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Intelligence in Homeland Security
After the attack of 9/11 on the United States the Nation learned there were many areas that needed improvement in regards to the security of the homeland. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) had to take into account the lessons learned from 9/11, especially the shortfalls that were seen in intelligence gathering and make some major changes. The DHS is not the only agency that is responsible for gathering information for the Nation’s safety, there are many different national agencies that provide intelligence for homeland security. Some of the National agencies include offices that many have heard of like Customs and Border Patrol, the U.S. Coast Guard or the Secret Service, but there are
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The DHS supports local law enforcement by providing them with needed Federal resources and training, they also share information with them about possible threats which is important when it comes to the safety and security of the Country (DHS, 2015). Local law enforcement is important in fighting terrorism as they gain vital information through the community to address problems that may be precursors to crime. It is important to examine any information received from the public as possible intelligence, defining these possible threats and communicating with the public can help deter possible terrorist …show more content…
As seen, the attack of 9/11 opened America’s eyes and there was yet another change the Nation went through which was the passing of the USA Patriot Act. This Act was primarily focused on information sharing to assist in averting terrorist acts (USDOJ, 2001). The law allows law enforcement officers to utilize surveillance when investigating possible terrorists (USDOJ, 2001). Many Americans felt the USA Patriot Act infringed on civil liberties. Due to the Act, law enforcement were now able to use wire taps without obtaining the probable cause warrant. In 2015, President Obama signed the USA Freedom Act which deals with these invasion issues (House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, 2015). The USA Freedom Act stopped the Government from collecting bulk amounts of information on citizens and allows the challenging of gag orders (House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, 2015). The civil rights and liberties of the citizens are protected through policy that the DHS enforces. The DHS will also inspect and resolve complaints made by citizens in regards to the impingement of their civil rights and liberties (DHS, 2016). The civil rights investigation procedure was completely renovated. The DHS now has a new database that is easier to use with more language options and the added ability to track replies (DHS, 2015). This

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