Goals Of Homeland Security

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The United States of America's Homeland Security ensures that all the citizens in the nation and abroad are safe and protected from terrorism attacks. The mission and vision of Homeland Security and Defense are aimed at initiating efforts that would ensure safe, secure and easy management of borders of the nation. To realize such a mission, the Homeland Security and Defense are striving to put into practice and administer laws and policies of immigration. They have also come up with cyber-crime policies that are destined to realize effective protection of cyber networks and infrastructure and at the same time making people immune and resilient from disasters of any nature (Jones & Givens, 2010). To achieve total security, Homeland Security and Defense of US have put mechanisms in place to provide crucial support both infrastructurally and economically to the common people. The Department is also collaborating and working closely with homeland security enterprise with an aim of sealing any security loophole that might be in existence. …show more content…
The departments of homeland security and homeland defense have come up with strategies that focus on three primary security goals. The three goals include; prevention of attacks by terrorists within the borders of America, unauthorized and illegal acquisition prevention. The homeland security and defense have also increased importation and exportation rates and thwarted movement of dangerous war materials like nuclear weapons within the nation. By so doing, the threats and vulnerability of the people of US from terrorism have been greatly reduced. Strengthening the homeland security enterprise has offered a significant buffer from attacks and provides different dynamic ways of mitigating and defending against terrorism attempts (U.S. Department of Homeland Security,

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