The Department Of Homeland Security (DHS)

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The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is a department of the federal government tasked with protecting America and its territory from terrorism, securing the borders, securing cyberspace, administering immigration laws, and ensuring disaster resilience (“Our Mission”, 2015). With the assistance of twenty-two other agencies and departments, the DHS has successfully accomplished its mission for fifteen years. The National Strategy for Homeland Security is the starting point for all homeland security related policies and procedures (“National Strategy”, n.d.). This single document sets the guidelines for other regulations such the Quadrennial Review and DHS Budget.
Purpose Statement
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The Department has created a four year Analytical Agenda as a way of meeting the challenges of “Big Data” and supporting analytically informed decision making throughout the DHS (“Strategic Plan”, n.d.). In efforts to improve its analytical understanding of the DHS mission, the Department implemented various helpful techniques. They developed and fostered a risk community of interest that involves gathering risk management experts from across the department to share risk data and best practices for risk assessment (“Strategic Plan”, n.d.). In addition, DHS continuously strives to acquire, develop, and utilize basic tools for data-driven management of it mission such as the ability to constantly access strategic/external risk (“Strategic Plan”, n.d.). The Analytical Agenda may also include extensive empirical modeling; estimation of the impacts of social, technological, economic, environmental, or political variables; and dashboards and support tools for strategic –level decision making (“Strategic Plan”, n.d.).
Summary & Findings
2014 Quadrennial Homeland Security Review
 Purpose is to supports national interest in accordance with national security strategy

 Adheres to the five basic homeland Security missions
 Strengthens missions through public and private partnerships
 Budget risk drivers include economic pressures, terrorist threats, biological concerns and natural hazards

Bottom Up Review (BUR)
 Details the enormous challenges of building OneDHS from separate organizations and

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