Wolf Of Wall Street And The Great Gatsby Analysis

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At first glance the men in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and The Wolf of Wall Street by Jordan Belfort have an extraordinary amount of similarities in their lives. Starting to ease into the similarities, we can see that characters from both works are consumed by the temptation of greed, both are set on the American dream full of money and pleasure, and are both hypnotised by love and result to affairs. Yes, they do have their differences. For instance, one being sentimental and hopelessly in love, the other is lacking moral sense and is in love with money.

In The Great Gatsby it is considerable that one of the greatest examples of greed was portrayed through Daisy. She was not capable of waiting until Gatsby got back from Europe
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First of all, he was not ashamed of the ways he had obtained his wealth, being a wall street criminal. HIs crimes followed the category of securities fraud which is is a deceptive practice in the stock that induces investors to make a purchase on the basis of false information. What can be worse than that? He was practically just taking there money. “There’s no nobility in poverty.”(Wolf of Wall Street, Scorsese) is a perfect example of the viewpoint of Jordan say that if you’re going to be poor your also going to be weak, so the only strength is being rich. “They were drunk on youth, fueled by greed, and higher than kites.”(Scorsese) is another quote that not only said they were drunk off greed in it but also explains the priorities and immaturity of himself in …show more content…
Now that Gatsby is rich he expects daisy to reunite with him and forget the last 5 years ever happened. Daisy did continue to participate in the affair until she learnt that Tom had more to offer.

Similar to Gatsby, Jordan from The Wolf of Wall Street also influences an affair and participates in one himself. Jordan has his affair while wed to Teressa with a woman who goes by the name of Naomi Lapaglia. At a house party of Jordans he insists Naomi “stay for a while, what 's the big deal?”(Scorsese) after her husband insisted they had to leave. Although Jordan got Naomi and they eventually wed, he continued to cheat. It can be seen when Naomi say “Wake up you piece of s***, who’s Venice?”(Scorsese) while splashing water in his face. Jordan was as disloyal as Daisy was. Throughout the works, The Great Gatsby and The Wolf of Wall Street, it is seen that there are many similarities. Both works having characters hypnotised by greed, the pursuit of the American Dream, and last but not least the everlasting spell of love. F. Scott Fitzgerald did as great as a job of creating Jay Gatsby the helpless rich man that escapes through money. On the same page Jordan Belfort did a great job explaining how money and greed consumed his

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