The Great Gatsby Money Analysis

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Money, Money, Money. The novel the Great Gatsby shows how money can corrupt a person. Jay Gatsby realizes after meeting daisy Buchanan that she has high standards. He sees that Daisy has to have material items and that the only way that he will be able to win her over is with lots of money. Jay has to make his money look old instead of like he just got it so that he meets Daisies expectations. F. Scott Fitzgerald demonstrates through the characters in the book the Great Gatsby, the morals and values of the American people are corrupted by money.
After a lot of years when Gatsby finally finds Daisy he realizes that she will expect a lot of money and material things. The first thing he does is starts to throw the huge parties. This shows that the people in this time period cared more for money than the actual feelings of the person. Instead of just showing all love for each other they are more worried about material things and money. Money also turns people into a liar because Gatsby had to come up with a lie to make it seem like he had always had
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Tom Buchanan wife, daisy Buchanan. Gatsby has had a crush on daisy for five years. Gatsby uses these parties sort as an attraction tool. Gatsby bought this big house and very nice things all for daisy, hoping one day she will return to him. Most people in this era has a bad habit of partying and driving recklessly. There are several characters in this book that drive very carelessly. Gatsby is the main subject in the book so he is the one in going to do. The great Gatsby drives very crazy, and does not get in trouble for it because of his money. In today’s time if we drive crazy we will eventually get a ticket. In the book the great Gatsby showed the police officer and he left him alone and said he was sorry. This is why that he does not care how he drives around the town. In my opinion he should consider his life and or his passenger’s life

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