Character Analysis Of Poem In 'The Great Gatsby'

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1. Nick describes himself as a nonjudgmental person.
2. Nick describes Tom as a
3. Jordan Baker is an old friend of Daisy’s, also a professional golfer. Nick likes that Jordan is extremely pessimistic, with a mannish, cold personality.
4. Gatsby is standing alone on his lawn looking out over the water towards the green light that marks where daisies home is. 5. Nick 's tone when he is describing tom portrayed that he was not fond of toms existence
1. Nick meets Tom’s mistress when tom takes nick to the garage where she lives.
2. Myrtle is excited to see Tom.
3. George Wilson seems to be unobservant, timid, and shy man.
4. It is an abandoned area where everything is covered with dust and ash. Valley of Ashes represents absolute dearth
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Mr. Gatz believes that his son was a hardworking, self-made man who achieved great success.
4. Nick characterizes tom and Daisy as lifeless and self-centered.
5. The green light symbolized the future that is always outside our reach.

1. The American dream is to be successful and happy and strive for greatness. Gatsby is a self-made man, but doesn’t have everything he thought he would have with money. The novel shows how with money you can’t have everything you want. The American dream is still the same since that time, but it’s just harder to achieve.
2. The Midwest describes the poor and the east the rich, this relates to nick being the Midwest and Gatsby being the east.
3. Tom and Daisy have always been rich and stayed rich. Gatsby loves daisy, but wouldn’t leave his high class to marry someone lower.
4. Nick plays as the storyteller, the story is more believable by him because he is not judgmental meaning he would most likely be more honest when telling the story.
5. Gatsby wishes to recapture the days when his uniform made him good enough for Daisy to step out with. Now that the war is over and the class system is reinstated, Daisy no longer can see herself marrying "beneath her station". He is unsuccessful is fully prying Daisy away from her

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