Conflict Speech Essay

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Good morning teachers and peers, today I'm going to discuss conflict, the affects it has on people with examples from two texts. | What is conflict? Conflict is another word for fighting, battling, or struggle. Conflict can be expressed in many ways, such as; war, hate, aggression, bullying, and competiveness. Conflict has negative effects on people. Conflict can result in death, mental illness, suicide, and destruction. Conflict is cause by many reasons including differences in values, desires, needs, habits, and wealth. | The first text I'm going to discuss today is a poem called Dulce Et Decorum Est by a famous poet named Wilfred Owen. The poem is based on first hand experiences in France, in world war one. The poem describes owen’s …show more content…
The film gives that feeling by showing gunfire and explosions for example when Elli the main character blows up a barrel killing multiple soldiers. The film uses this to show how conflict can desensitises people. | Conflict is destructive. It will ruin people’s homes, break up their families, destroys people’s friendships/ relationships and It also breaks people physically and mentally. In the poem Dulce Et Decorum Est, it is outlined very clearly that conflict is destructive, seen by the experiences and the effects it had on the soldiers. | In the film however, it does show the destructive nature of conflict but the film also shows how conflict desensitizes people. The film shows this when Elli threatens to kill her friend named Chris for falling asleep on watch. The soldiers in the poem are said to be "bent double, like old beggars under sacks" in line one, this is a simile that outlines the condition of the soldiers and how bad of an effect it is having on them. It is making them brittle and weak, this shows just how destructive conflict actually is. | In the poem it describes how a man is watching his friend die right in front of him after the gas attack. Owen describes this by putting in metaphors, for example as under a green sea, I saw him drowning in line 14. He also uses similes like, floundering like a man in fire or lime in line 12. In the film it shows how people’s homes get torn apart. They show this when the teenaged group get back from a

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