Essay on Conflict Management

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Conflict Management

Conflict Management
Yamil Little
Strayer University
Dr. Anthony Hughes

Conflict Management

Introduction In today’s ever-changing business environment organizations encounter varying levels of intrapersonal, interpersonal, intragroup, and intergroup conflicts. Intrapersonal conflict is a battle within oneself, which usually involves a life goal and/or change. Interpersonal conflict is when two or more people have opposing perspectives to a given situation. Intragroup conflict is when disagreements occur amongst some or all members of a group and ultimately affects productivity. Intergroup conflict is when disagreements occur between different teams or groups. The
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With so many problems with the computerized EKG services the current physicians began questioning the EKG certifications and the firing of Dr. James Boyer. Ultimately the hospital’s operation was becoming seriously jeopardized, this was illustrated by the final message sent to Harding stating that she speak with the medical staff to resolve the problems or they would start admitting new patients to other hospitals.

Conflict Management Styles

In the introduction we discussed the different conflict management styles, which include the collaborating style, the compromising style, the forcing style, the accommodating style, and the avoiding style. Mike Hammer had repeated conflicts with the medical staff in regards to cost reduction. Hammer went back and forth with Dr. Mark Williams, the Director of Medicine, to find a resolution to controlling physician-driven costs. This behavior exhibited a collaborating style of conflict management. Although Hammer made an attempt at collaboration, the cost cutting programs he wanted to implement were vehemently opposed and ultimately put aside due to lack of support from Dr. Williams. These actions by Dr. Williams are evidence of a forcing style of conflict management. Mike Hammer didn’t give up on his cost cutting aspirations and hired Marge

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