Conflict Management Essay

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Conflict refers to all kinds of opposition or antagonistic interaction. It is based on scarcity of power, resources or social positions, and differing value structures. Conflict has two faces, functional (or constructive) and the other dysfunctional (or destructive). Dysfunctional conflict is crucial for organizations and without an effective means of handling it, conflict can tear relationship apart and interferes with the exchange of ideas, information and resources in groups and between departments. Well manage conflict on the other hand helps workers anticipate and solve problems and makes them feel confident. This also strengthens their relationships and makes them become more committed to the
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a Secretary may have to lie on instruction that her boss is not in to avoid an unwanted visitor or unwanted telephone. This may cause conflict within mind of the Secretary who may have developed an ethic of telling the truth.

There may also be a role conflict e.g. a Telephone Operator may be required and advised to be polite to the customers by her superior who may also complain that she is spending too much time with customers. This will cause a role conflict in her mind.
2. Interpersonal conflict: This involves conflict between individuals and is probably the most common and most recognized conflict. This may involve the Managers who are competing for limited capital and manpower resources. It may involve professors who are equally all up for promotion but one of them can be promoted because of budget and positional constraints. This conflict becomes further a cute when the scarce resources cannot be shared and must be obtained. There are also disagreements over goals and objectives of the organization.

3. Conflict between the individual and the group: All formal groups and informal groups have established certain norms of behaviors and operational standards which all members are expected to adhere to. Individuals may want to remain the group for social needs but may disagree with the methods. Some members may not agree with these reasons or may not be able to afford to go on strike, thus causing conflict

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