Essay On Death Row

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their breath and create a dramatic, terrifying scene. The firing squad is when five well-trained sharpshooters get behind the alleged criminal on death row. With only one sharpshooter with a bullet in his gun, the prisoner does not know which well-trained sharpshooter has his life in their hands while the prisoner anxiously waits for his time to come with the mindset of teasing and frustration. Last but not least is hanging, they strap a Noose around your neck, which tightens more and more with however much force is put on it. It was thought to be harmless at first, with the executioners believing that the prisoner does not feel a thing. If the fall is too short, the victim strangles to death, whenever the fall is too far their heads would be completely ripped off. However, what they found out later on is that if there is not enough force applied it does not break their neck when they fall from the platform. They just hang there gasping and giving every ounce of strength they have left to breathe, but they cannot with the noose strangling them and shutting their airways completely off so they just hang in suffering. It would be inhumane to let someone suffer and die in any of …show more content…
With prisoners on death row stating they would rather be executed than to spend life in a 4x4 cell behind bars, that would mean the government would be doing the criminal a favor by executing him/her. When it costs United States citizens billions of dollars since the first execution of 1967. In contrast, the free, non-criminal, citizens are paying the price and suffering while the death rower inmates are getting a majority in their favor. To have the power to take human dignity and life away with slamming a wood pallet onto a circle of molded wood is considered inhumane and a misuse of power. Therefore abolishing capital punishment and the executions would further our justice system and leave the world outside of bars in

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