Computer Information System Brief Essay

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Computer Information System Brief
Jeannie Earling
ACC/542 Accounting Information Systems
Sanders Moran
July 16, 2012

Kudler’s business and accounting information needs Kudler Fine Foods is a gourmet food specialty store that provides consumers with an alternative to traditional grocery stores. It gives consumers options for shopping whether they are trying to find gourmet ingredients for a special meal or wine for a dinner party. Kudler has three stores in the following locations in the San Diego area: La Jolla, Del Mar and Encinitas. The success of Kudler’s directly depends on the quality of the information available to management to allow them to make informed decisions regarding business needs. The information can be in the
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It is also mentioned that the General Ledger module of the REMS can record budgets and provide budget reporting, but the budgets are all tracked on excel spreadsheet. If the budgets can be tracked through the module instead of a spreadsheet it would create an ease of reporting, as well as more accurate reporting. Human error is a factor when tracking accounting information through an excel spreadsheet, whereas if the reports are pulled directly from the General Ledger, the risk of human error decreases drastically. Forecasting is also a very manual process with quarterly management meetings held to determine which products should be bought in the future. Most enterprise management systems have options for add-on software packages that can piggy back the system, for example payroll modules and forecasting modules. A forecasting module would be helpful for management to relieve the labor-intensive process currently in place, also the product trend information is already stored in the REMS via sales, a forecasting module would simply aid in analyzing the data. By utilizing existing modules and purchasing additional add-on modules for the REMS, Kudler’s can provide accurate reporting for various purposes while reducing the human error risk. This is also a cost effective option for increasing technology as the REMS system is already in place.

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