Computer Impact On Education

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individuals. There could also be certain implementations that could be put into place in order to mitigate the negatives and embolden the positive attributes laptops bring into the classrooms.

The goal of the project is to understand analyze the impact of personal computers and tablets have on the education of U.S college and university students and how they are used in classrooms. I am particularly interested in how computers are used either to aid education or are they a distraction for those that use these devices. Ethnography and participant observation will assist in determining how people use these devices. Survey and semi-structured interviews will help in finding out the role that laptops and tablets actually play, and what
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The limited exposure to knowledge via personal computers in underfunded institutions could represent as entering college or a career at a disadvantage and faced in their lives with academic and employment challenges (Kress 2011). Low-income communities and schools may have limited technology available and the positive or negative impact of these devices on the students may be dismal to nonexistent. Technology exacerbates the wealth gap in this country. We call for technology to solve the problems that the education system faces. It is easy to blame school that deals with limited to no funding, adequate teachers, supplies, or the necessary equipment for their students, but schools are not to blame. The system and government that does not provide schools with necessary funding in order to help their students achieve are to blame. “Politician or academic administrator in this decade, it is almost mandatory to call for technology in our schools, not because of any proven link between technology and learning --- there is really no consistent evidence of such a link… but because technology is seen as a potentially quick and cheap fix for the perceived problems in our educational system” (Moran and Selfe 2000: 99). Those individuals that have technology readily available and choose to use …show more content…
There are other factors that contribute to the success of our education system. The success of our education system requires a deep evaluation in order to ensure it be a success. Technology is simply a means of placing a Band-Aid and covering up a problem that already exists in the united states. It is not always the cure and sometimes an education with a hands-on approach is much better. Steve Jobs once said, “What is wrong with education cannot be fixed with technology” (Mehan 1989 :85). Nevertheless, there are ways of mitigating the issues that arise because of the misapplication of technology in classrooms. Technology does help education but it also creates new issues that are important to evaluate and assess. There is literally no perfect solution which will not create other

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