Competitive Advantages : Primary Customers Essay

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Competitive advantages:
Primary Customers: Homeowners
1) Customer relationships and the care for their homes are my main focus. Many property management firms usually revolve around the renting aspect of this career. However, for me, it is all about the home. I want the house to be cleaned regularly and make sure it is up to the standards of the actual homeowner. This means, I will be focusing on my customers’ needs and wants. The way that I will be able to do this is by meeting with the homeowners at their properties, and walking through the home to get a feel for their expectations. This act will lead to trust and customer loyalty, which would be why customers would be drawn to this business verses competitors.
2) My business is basically a one-stop shop, meaning my clients do not need to find all the different business for all the services, like housekeeping, lawn care, or renting service. They aso get the secondary service of renting. My business focuses on convenience by being able to offer many services.
Secondary Customer: Renters
1) The ease and convenience of reserving a vacation on line. The renters are able to do everything in one location, whenever they have available time.
2) Renters get to customize their own vacations to meet their needs and wants. Instead of, a vacationer planning a trip around a hotel location, the vacationer can choose where there vacation location is depending on their needs.
3) The business is willing to work with renters on prices…

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