The Pros And Cons Of Home Security

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As home security technology advances, the methods that criminals have started using have become increasingly creative. Kim Fleming Cernigllaro, a mom from Texas, had a close encounter with one of these burglars. After being home alone, she heard this loud and urgent banging on her door. It sounded similar to someone who might be in distress, but as much as she wanted to help, Kim had a rule that she never opens the door for people she does not know. In this, however, she was lucky that she continued letting the stranger knock until he walked away.

What Happened Next

Around 30 minutes after the knocking incident, Kim stepped outside to investigate if anything had been left behind to identify who the stranger had been. Instead, she found a
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Also, avoid making the bed every morning, and if you cannot afford a home security system, you can also light up your house to keep the burglars guessing about where your valuables might be. Small actions can keep a burglar from trying to get into your home. Criminals are often searching for the easiest target because they do not want to get caught in the process. In particular, be on the lookout if you have a door knob that can be rubber banded in the same way that happened to Kim. Had she opened that door, the burglar could have burst through, and she would have been the victim of a burglary.

The rubber trick is good for everyone to be aware of, and you want to share it because you could save someone from becoming the victim of a home burglary. If something doesn't feel right, remember to exercise caution. You do not want to be overly trusting of people. In many cases, the best route is to call the police if you find suspicious activity near your home. It could save someone's life. Also, if you ever spot a rubber band over a door handle in this way on someone else's door, the best route is to call the police

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