Managerial Environment Case Study

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In the beginning, Managerial Environment is the factors affecting the manager’s work and organization process. Managers should always control their environments and be aware of changes that occur. This changes may effect managers’s daily work , actions and decisions.

There are 2 factors affecting managerial environment; Internal managerial environment and external managerial environment.

1. Internal Environmental Factors: o Union

Employees should cooperate together. o Mission
Each company should have its own mission and version that are the bases of constructing this company. o Polices
Each company should have its own policy and all employees should follow this rules and policy.

o Corporate culture

o Management style of upper managers
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All this factors affects your buisness operations ,process and employees and department relationships, As in high performing workplaces not only employees are so professional and talented but they also cooperate very well together.

v Weakness: As we mentioned the strength points we also must mention weak points that companies seek to decrease her percentage in work. One of this weakness is that employees are not doing their work well as they lost interest in what they do, less encouragement and facing difficulties. 2. External Environmental factors:
Those are factors that affect the company from outside and affect its abilities. Some of this factors only just need organization. It changes very quickly then they put all the pressure on the company and employees.

The most critical external buisness factors are: o Union o Legal Considerations o
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- customer base: this base may change suddenly or slowly through a period of time. The neighborhood change that may attract renters can effect the buisness. Changing neighborhood Cultural implications can affect the buisness and this change or effect is depending on how you meet the need of demographics changing.

- stakeholders: they are important part of organization, they are the interested groups. Their trust in the organization should be forever and never yo shake this trust. So companies are doing their best as not to lose them and work on themselves more to develop their companies.

- opportunity: the external opportunities provide the company or the organization to improve their performance and develop their advantages. Stable environment still a great opportunity.
- Threats: anything from organization’s outside that affects their performance and helps in achieving the goals.
Examples on external threads as the old and new regulations and competitors, it also includes new technology that will develop the serves of the company and it also may make your product unstable political or legal system in economical

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