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A question many homeowners ask is "Do I really need a home warranty?" If you are smart, the answer is yes. Home warranties protect against a number of problems that always seem to arise at the wrong times. Plus, they can end up saving you a ton of money in the long run.

Why Is Having A Home Warranty Such a Good Idea?

A home warranty offers you protection when you need it most. Appliances break down. Pipes burst. Roofs leak. And these problems can appear at any time. When you have a home warranty, you have can have those problems fixed quickly and at a minimal cost. The warranty covers you when you are at home, out of town, or even between jobs.

A home warranty is a good solution if you are not a DIY expert or just don't want to deal with these kinds of problems. A broken stove or a blown circuit is not something some homeowners want to spend the weekend fixing. That is where a home warranty comes into play.
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If your dream kitchen includes high-end appliances, having a home warranty in place is a good idea. High-end appliances can be expensive to fix. In some cases, a single repair visit will cost more than the annual cost of a home warranty.

A home warranty is a good investment if you just bought a home. Let's face it. Buying a home can really drain your financial reserves. The last thing you need is an appliance to break or the roof to leak. If you buy a home warranty, or buy a home with one already in place, that is one less financial worry you will have. It will give you the protection your home needs, while you are rebuilding your reserves.

A home warranty is a selling tool if you are trying to sell your older home. Older homes can be a bit scary for some home buyers. There is a perception that something will go wrong quickly and cost a lot of money. The warranty can reassure buyers that, if something goes wrong, there is protection in place. This can help you sell the property

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