Competitive Advantages Of Homeowners Essay

Competitive advantages:
Primary Customers: Homeowners
1) Customer relationships and the care for their homes are my main focus. Many property management firms usually revolve around the renting aspect of this career. However, for me, it is all about the home. I want the house to be cleaned regularly and make sure it is up to the standards of the actual homeowner. This means, I will be focusing on my customers’ needs and wants. The way that I will be able to do this is by meeting with the homeowners at their properties, and walking through the home to get a feel for their expectations. This act will lead to trust and customer loyalty, which would be why customers would be drawn to this business verses competitors.
2) My business is basically
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Meaning, I will initially set a standard price for the homes depending on the characteristics; more square footage means a higher price. This price will obviously be set to cover expenses and have room for profit. However, I will allow bargaining with the renters to come up with a reasonable price, if the circumstances are right. This is because a house in uses is better than an empty one. This method is very similar to hotel rooms with discounted prices on third party websites. My differentiation strategy is based around the renters and their ability to choose a location. Once I have a good primary, homeowner customer base, renters can have options on what kind of ambience they want from their vacation: lakeside, deep in the woods, or farmland with wide open spaces. This will differentiate me from the competitors because I am willing to work with the customer to create their ideal vacation at the ideal cost. My focus strategy is narrowing on the customers that want a true get-away from their busy lives or hectic cities. The renters literally get to be in a home away from home in their ideal location spot. They don’t need share their space with other people like with hotels or highly populated

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