Comparison of Zara and Mango stores Log Essay

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Comparison of Zara and Mango stores Logistics operations

Logistics operations

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Table of contents
1. Executive summary
2. Introduction
3. Mango stores
4. Zara stores
5. Comparison of logistics operations between Mango and Zara.
5.1 Inbound and outbound transportation. 5.1.1 Transport mode strategies 5.1.2 Outsourcing of logistics operations 5.1.3 3PL companies
5.2 Warehousing
5.3 Inventory management strategies
5.4 Communication and Information systems.
6. Future trends in retail logistics
7. Conclusions
8. Recommendations
9. References

1. Executive summary
Globalization has brought a lot of challenges to international retail
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3. Mango stores

Mango is an international retail chain of women's clothing. Mango is involved in design and manufacturing company with the vision of ‘Being present in all cities in the world’. This vision has helped Mango in becoming a successful multinational fashion clothing retail company having more than 2400 stores worldwide and business activities covering more than 107 countries.
Mango store manufactures clothes in one international location and sells it in yet another, handles all issues and complexities of International logistics and supply chain.
By planning its logistics operations and using the modes of logistics in more efficient and effective way, Mango survived in the supply chain war of this decade. Mango designed its logistics strategy in a way that results in swift flows of inventory, information and money.
Logistics is seen as an important factor in the success story of Mango. Employees at Mango take Logistics as an activity in which they all help each other in timely delivery of product till the end customer. Factors like Information, Speed and Technology are the considered most during the Logistics operational process.
“Logistic system” at Mango helps in effective decision making during the whole process of design, manufacturing, supply, sales and after sales. This system has the

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