Comparison Between Samsung And Samsung

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Samsung is one of the largest technology providers. The company started out as a trading company exporting various products from South Korea. This company is founded by Lee Byung- chul in 1939 Samsung progressively developed into the global corporation that it is today. (2015)
Samsung means three stars in Korean. It became the name linked with different types of business establishments in South Korea. Internationally, people associate the name with electronics, information technology, mobile phones and development.

Source: hoamprize.samsungfoundation 2015

1.2 Development of Samsung mobile
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Galaxy s3 was for the initial market. The combination of cost and the modelling of the phone made Samsung leapfrog Apple by subnational 50% of margin in volume sale.
• Source: slideshare (December 2015)

2: this section will cover the comparison between Samsung and other mobile companies including graphs and statistics, performance of Samsung mobile phone, SWOT, court case between Apple and Samsung and a conclusion.

2.1 comparison between Samsung and other mobile companies.
Some costumers might agree that Samsung is the best smartphone but some don’t agree, so here are the latest phones including Apple, Samsung, and LG with their description, special features, advantages and disadvantages.
Apple (iPhone):
For some people, the debate will come to which IPhone they should get , the IPhone is 6 is the right one for most people although the IPhone 6s is good for those who want something that’s perfect for game, also the IPhone 6s is too cramped on a normal screen. But the IPhones 5s is said to be by the costumers “Apples best design for the phone”
Source: displayspy 2015

Features: the IPhone is has every app on the IOS, it’s simple to use and looks
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The Galaxy S6 comes very close, but the reality is that the larger size of the Note gives you a lot more to work with. Right now in time people will consider Samsung note “is the best” and here is why, the screen is beautiful, video playback looks wonderful and the games are amazing but also it has the clear camera and the pen input which makes the phone even better. It’s also got a beast of a battery, which is nice in this day and age.

Features: The size of this phone is amazing, but it's also incredibly fast. You get some nice health features too, which actually work without extra equipment. Source digialspy2015
Advantages: Samsung had always satisfied their costumers, Samsung always develop their smartphones each year, e.g. Samsung Galaxy s4 never had the fingerprint, so they developed the s5 , the features of the s5 is that it was water sealed and it has the fingerprint.
Disadvantages: the problem with Samsung is that they always create more than 2 phones a time e.g. last year they have crated Samsung s5, note 3 and alpha, this is a problem because it leaves the costumer confused in which phone is best for him so he might just go and buy another phone like Apple because they only concentrate on only one phone elsewhere Samsung don’t.

Graphs and

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