Samsung Marketing Objectives

Samsung mobile like many of its competitors main goal is to sale you the consumer there mobile devices. In order to accomplish this goal they must prove that there product have worth to the consumer everyday life. One this has been proven Samsung as well a there competitors can now continually sale the new product without trying to convince why. This for Samsung marketing is a key factor to create a steady cash flow for the company. Marketing alone will not be the only factor to spread your product to wide variety of consumer but it must also be pared with sales. Sales are the people held create a want by consumer after the product is introduced by marketing. These two paired together make for a successful business.
As Samsung mobile continues
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The first step is communicate my new product to as many people as possible. I will accomplish this goal using social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc), Billboard, new paper ads, pop –up, and TV/Internet commercials. This should allow my product to reach millions of customers. The second step to create interest to the customer I made aware of my product. I will accomplish this goal by have the Galaxy 7s available to sample a retail stores (Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Radio Shack, etc,) this will allow customer hands on use creating a want for the product. Another strategies I will use to give all the most popular celebrities free phone so that there follower will join the band wagon. The third step is to create a desire for the product that urges the consumer to buy. This will also be accomplish by given free phone to celebrities because there fans will want the same product to imitate them and well as make the product cool. Another strategies is I will give half off to customer who turn in the Samsung Galaxy 6 or there IPhone 6. The final step is the action phase where we see if the strategies from the other three phases …show more content…
Out of all the social media out Samsung would use I think the biggest two would be Facebook and YouTube. Facebook will be a great medium to market one because is ever grown which mean you reach age group 13 to 50 with in the blink of an eye. Facebook also has a mobile components which allows for you to advertise to consumer even where there not on a computer or tablet. The second most valuable site to market on is YouTube because people watch it more than TV. Before you watch any of your favorite videos on this site must site the quick 30 sec commercial. Also not only Samsung push its products through advisement but also use make videos review Samsung product which build hype around the brand. This market just like Facebook is ever growing and can be accessed mobile which mean you be exposed to Samsung product 24 hours a

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