Drag Bag Case Study

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Global luggage market includes bags for packaging of personal belongings. The market can be broadly segmented into casual bags, travel bags, and business bags. These segments include several types of luggage (such as spinner bags, suitcases, duffel bags, messenger bags, carry-on bags, expandable bags, and others) to suit various consumer needs.
Having chosen that the time has come to reconsider the conventional bag, we have built up a Luggage Bag – an inventive way of life item that acclimates to address the issues of the cutting traveler bag.

The present propelled innovation makes about each part of everyday life less difficult and less demanding. In spite of these advances, there is one intensely utilized item that has not
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PUSH Strategy: Manufacturers -> Wholesalers-> Retailers ->Customers
Push strategy
In this the products can be sold at different wholesalers, retailers, etc
Pull Strategy
• In this the makers advance their items utilizing advertising and promotions. In this methodology the customers are influenced to purchase the items straightforwardly through the intermediaries.
• The consumers may likewise purchase their items on the web online.
• They ought to have their distributer at a specific place and the retailers or franchisee shops ought to be situated at open spots, shopping centers, and so forth.
• Also, retail shop ought to be close airplane terminals, railroad stations, transport stations, open spots, and so forth. This would contribute in motivation purchasing as well. There should be hoarding available on railway stations and airports as well.
• Conventional techniques for promoting can likewise be utilized, for example, print media, TV, etc.
• We can likewise utilize web-based social networking promoting i.e. Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and so on and can give discount coupons for online buys and extending the name of the brand in the

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