Compare And Differences Between Facebook And Twitter

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Facebook vs Twitter

Social media has taken over the 21st century with a storm. Social networks are now considered as a means of life this days. It’s highly improbable for the modern generation especially ‘millennials’ to go for even a single day without checking into the favorite social network. Some of the most well-known social networks that exist today are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Reddit among others. Social networks has made the world a ‘small village’ by making communication available to any citizen of the world despite the proximity. Social media takes various shapes of interaction for example some are forum based like Twitter, others photo based like Instagram and Snapchat, others are professional like
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Even though both primarily use blue as their theme color, they vary in shade with Facebook having a dark blue color and twitter sky blue. An individual can post anything in Facebook without much restrictions but that’s a different case with Twitter whereby the user is allowed only one forty characters. Another difference in functionality is that Facebook allows all forms of media in their posts while Twitter even though it allows other forms of media they subsequently and primarily allow text with subsequent media appearing as a link. Another difference occurs with how one interacts with his/her audience. Facebook allows one to send friend requests to other users and once accepted both parties are friends and they can both view each other’s posts. Twitter however uses the follow basis. In this form the users in Twitter can follow anyone without a guaranteed follow back and vice versa. In this, one party can have audience with another party without necessarily all of them being friends. Twitter is however, has a well-developed hashtag system that is primarily known for. Users keep up with daily topics and trends that are usually location based with hashtags that are usually rated from the most discussed appearing on top. This makes Twitter they most convenient social media network for news …show more content…
Thesis: Facebook and twitter are most known social networks in the world today as they command a huge following. They are similar in many ways but yet they are distinct from each other with each other standing out from the other.

III. Similarities

a. The most visible common characteristic about Facebook and Twitter is that they are all social networks.

b. Both Facebook and Twitter have all ventured into other businesses as the parent company.

c. Facebook and Twitter are all available and can be viewed on a desktop and other portable devices browsers.

d. They both allow messages and posting of content in their respective timelines.

e. Both primarily depend on advertisements for their revenue stream as they are free to the users to use.

IV. Differences

a. In contrast Facebook and Twitter are also different both in look and functionality.

b. Another difference occurs with how one interacts with his/her audience.

V. In conclusion, social media have a major influence in modern society more than we

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