Compare And Contrast Two Heroes

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INTRO: Imagine someone flying through the air on their way to save children from a burning building. Now imagine an everyday person going out of their way to help a small child find their mother. Who’s more heroic? Is it the superhuman or the ordinary civilian? In their own ways they are both heroes. They both help people. They both make the world a better place. One might seem otherworldly, however, they both help to their own extent. Both heroes are changing people’s lives. Although heroes cause acts of great impression, to be a hero, one must act out of their own kindness to change the world for the better. FUNCTION:
The word hero is placed upon people who have been recognized and acclaimed, however, people with little recognition can be even more heroic. Harriet Tubman strived to help others, which has led to her being praised and remembered. While some people think this is a crucial part of heroism, it is not. Heroes hide in corners, around the block, and across the street. Think about the neighbor who helped shovel snow, the grandmother who inspired greatness, and the friends who stuck through thick and thin. All these people have a positive impact, which might be forgotten, maybe not praised or recognized at all. Along the lines, these acts of heroism will be forgotten, put aside. Nevertheless, the impact still remains. They changed one or multiple people's lives for the better, seeking no attention, acclaim or fame. True heroes, may be forgotten, but their choice

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