Superman Compare And Contrast

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As a kid, I idolized many people that have influenced me and taught me the values of life, but none were the same as my obsession with Superman. To me he was the ultimate figure; he had powers and abilities that made him unique and powerful. Also, he was a hero that saved the innocent and protected the weak; he resembled more than what a man of law can do and did what a perfect firefighter was able to. Even though I figured out that he was a fictional character, that did not stop me from wanting to believe that he was real. I was not the only person to idolize him; many other people looked up to him the same way I did. The legacy of the man of steel was widely spread worldwide and influenced many, which opened a door to the media to take advantage …show more content…
Comparing Superman to a hero like Batman, Superman has many things in common with Batman, like they both help protect and do heroic services when needed. But when it comes to powers and abilities, Superman is much more powerful than Batman: Superman holds super strength, flying and ray/heat vision abilities. On the other hand, Batman does not hold any abilities, but he possesses strong martial art skills and relies on very advanced gadgets to help him locate and fight the bad guys and protect the innocent. Though Batman is a very wealthy billionaire and that’s what helped him develop all the technology he uses; Superman’s abilities still out powers most superheroes and places him far more powerful than others. The gift of Superman did not stop at what he did as a hero or who he was more powerful than, as the media saw how much he was influencing the people and they had to take advantage of that. He had been not only a fictional superhero, but he was a star. The media started putting him in dozens of movies and many different comics such as books and articles. He was an idol to so many, he showed the good side of the man of steel: “Superman was published in 1903, the year The Scarlet Pimpernel premiered at Nottingham’s Theatre Royal. Two years later, Superman premiered at the Royal Court Theatre in London as the newly published novel.” (Gavaler 184). From the first ever appearance of the beginning stages of …show more content…
As I recall my first time knowing of a superhero I felt like they were in my presence and seeing how the media can turn a fortune out of that is remarkable. He’s touched so many people and had an effect on them for over a century. Superman has been spread around the world and people all over the globe know of the myth of Superman and what he has done. It’ll be interesting to see what else Superman will do in the future and how will he be looked at in the upcoming

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